Areas of Focus: couples therapy, polyamorous & non-monogamous relationships, interracial couples, sex & intimacy, premarital couples therapy, mediation around divorce and custody of children, adult child-parent conflict, life phase transitions, co-parenting & single parenting, family therapy, ADHD, depression & anxiety. 

Therapeutic approaches: Experiential, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brief Solution-Focused, Gestalt Therapy, Existential Therapy, Family of Origin/Systemic therapy, Cultural-Relations Therapy.

I work with individuals, couples and families looking to improve their relationships to themselves and others by having open and honest conversations in a safe, therapeutic environment.

I use my training as a family therapist to help you reflect on your family history in order to better understand how earlier experiences might affect your choices regarding relationships, education/careers, and parenting style. Our process will increase your awareness of various aspects of your life and help guide you on how and what to change.

I use my values around social justice to encourage clients to deepen their awareness of their own personal values and the practices they attach to it.

With my personal and professional experience, I can help you see your situation more clearly so you can make choices that support what's important to you and your vision of a meaningful life.