Taking care of your mental health is important and like anything worth working at, it requires an investment of time and resources. 

Time Investment

Most people would like to know how long it will take to feel better. This varies for everyone. Some clients come in with a problem and feel they have been helped within 6 sessions. For some clients, they prefer longer-term therapy to work through issues as they come up, or to work on a deeply learned behaviour they are hoping to change. Whatever your needs are, it's quite common that within 6 sessions you will have a clearer sense of your issues and a more helpful perspective on how to address them. 

Financial Investment  

Individual 50 minute session   $135 incl

Individual 75 minute session   $165 incl

Couples 50 minute session      $150 incl

Couples 75 minute session      $200 incl

Family 50 minute session        $150 incl

Family 75 minute session        $200 incl

My services are covered by most insurance companies including Blue Cross, Manulife, Canada life, Greenshield, UMSU, UWSA and Jordan's Principle.

Please check with your insurance provider regarding coverage using the following professional membership numbers:

Natasha Ross, MMFT

Blue Cross Provider #14180

CCPA #11246359

CAMFT #20171053

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