The Standing Date 

The standing date is a commitment to giving time and attention to a relationship that matters to you. Often we get caught up in failed attempts to make plans with another person who we value and enjoy spending time with. One way to move through this frustrating cycle is to negotiate a standing date. Depending on the relationship, this could be once per week, month, or every few months-maybe even once per year. The key is to just start talking about it. If people are committed to the relationship, be it a friendship or romantic relationship, or both, you can establish a successful standing date by agreeing on frequency, time and even budget. This practice where two or more people talk about how they'd intentionally like to spend their time together can deepen relationships through a mutual goal. You might agree to a Sunday morning breakfast or a bi-weekly walk in Assiniboine Forest. Or perhaps as a couple that means trying out a new restaurant once per month. Whatever it is, the commitment to making it an agreed-upon sacred date is just the kind of certainty we need to feel safe and happy in our relationships. Mark it in your calendar. Commit to it. And also say yes to spontaneous offers to connect if that suits you too.